What is Hang w/?
Hang w/ is live social video, made for sharing any moment from anywhere at anytime for any reason. It’s filmed on your phone and viewed on theirs – or filmed on their phone and viewed on yours – with text-chat baked in for the viewer.

What is a digital ticket?
A Digital Ticket is a way to create a ticketed event on Hang w/ where you, the broadcaster, set the price for admission. Viewers can buy your digital ticket using coins that they purchase from within the app. You set the price, you set the time, and you make it happen.
How do I buy a digital ticket?
You can check out the available digital tickets of your friends and of our verified/featured users by going to the 'Home' tab and tapping on 'Tickets.' To buy, share, or remind yourself about a digital ticket, tap into it and select from the available options. You purchase a digital ticket using Coins.

What are coins?
Coins are used to purchase digital tickets. If you are the creator of the digital content, your accumulated coins will be shown in the app. However you receive payment in US Dollars. If you want to use your earned coins, you can spend them in the app as if you had bought them.

How can I buy more coins?
You can buy more coins by tapping the 'More' tab and selecting 'Coin Bank.' Once you’re there, just tap which package you would like to purchase and watch your coin bank grow!

How do I apply to become a digital ticket broadcaster?
Apply to become a digital ticket broadcaster by tapping the 'More' tab in the app, tapping 'My Digital Tickets' and then by tapping 'Create Ticket'. Once you are there just tap 'Apply'.

How do I create a digital ticket?
Creating a digital ticket is easy once you're approved! Just go into the 'More' tab, tap 'My Digital Tickets' and then tap 'Create Ticket'.

Can I edit a digital ticket after I create it?
No, once a digital ticket is created, it is final.

Where can I see the digital tickets I have created?
You can see all the digital tickets you have created by logging into the app, tapping the 'More' tab, and by selecting 'My Digital Tickets.' From there, just tap 'Scheduled Tickets' and you’ll be able to view all of your created tickets.

When can I start my digital ticket broadcast?
You can begin broadcasting for your digital ticket once it reaches the exact time and date indicated on your ticket and set by you.

Can a digital ticket be deleted?
You can delete a digital ticket that you have created up until the day the digital ticket is scheduled for. An archived digital ticket broadcast cannot be deleted or hidden; however, in order for users who have purchased the ticket to maintain access to it.

How many times can I broadcast while during my digital ticket?
As many times as you want! You have a four-hour window to broadcast for your digital ticket. Just make sure that you create at least one broadcast within 30 minutes of the initial start time.

When do I have to start my digital ticket broadcast?
A warning message will appear 15 minutes after your indicated start time letting you know to start broadcasting; however, once it hit’s 30 minutes after your start time, your Digital Ticket will be cancelled and your viewers will be refunded.

What are pending earnings?
Pending earnings are the sum of purchases between each payout period.
The previous months earnings are paid out on the 5th of every month. E.g. June 1-30 earnings will show under pending and will be paid out on July 5.
Please note that refunds are deducted from earnings and will change the amount of pending earnings you have.

What are paid earnings?
Paid earning are those that have been paid out to you so far.
Paid earnings are the sum of purchases that have already been paid out to you.
e.g. May 1-31 = $25.00; June 1-31 = $50.00; Total paid earnings = $75.00.

Why did the number of purchasers go down?
f one of your digital tickets has been refunded, the users who have been refunded will be removed from your purchasers list.
e.g. 5 purchasers; 2 refunds = 3 real purchasers

How can I see my remaining coin balance?
Check your coin balance by tapping the 'More' tab, selecting 'Coin Bank,' and reviewing your balance on the bottom of the screen.

When do I get paid?
The fifth of every month. However, keep in mind that digital ticket payments and ad monetization payments do not combine into one payment.

Can I watch a digital ticket broadcast online?
Yes. You have to purchase the digital ticket in the app; however, you can view the live or archived broadcast on hangwith.com

Is there a minimum threshold before receiving payment?

Where can I see the digital tickets I have paid for?
You can see all the digital tickets you have paid for by logging into the app, tapping the 'More' tab, and by selecting 'My Digital Tickets.' From there, just tap 'Purchased Tickets' and you’re all set!

Do I need to broadcast for 4 full hours?

Why would I set a limit on the number of tickets available?
Let’s face it. We all want what we can’t have. If there are an unlimited number of tickets available, your event will be less exclusive. Limiting the number of people who can be there makes the event that much more exciting to be a part of!

How much of the money do I keep and where does the other money go?
You keep the majority – 50%! Apple or Google take 30% as a fee for using the store and 10% are server costs for hosting the video. Hang w/ takes the remaining 10%.

What if I created a digital ticket and then forget to broadcast?
User who paid for your digital ticket will receive a full refund if you fail to attempt a broadcast within 30 minutes of your indicated start time.

What if I miss a digital ticket broadcast that I paid for?
Digital Tickets are automatically archived and are unable to be removed or hidden after the broadcast is completed.
To view the archive of a digital ticket you have purchased, you can either go to that users profile or go to your purchased digital tickets by tapping the 'More' tab and selecting 'My Digital Tickets.'

How do refunds work?
Refunds are only provided under two circumstances:
1. If you paid for a digital ticket and then the event gets cancelled before it's intended time and date. You will receive a full refund for your purchase.
2.If the owner of the digital ticket does not attempt a broadcast within 30 minutes of the time indicated on the digital ticket you will receive a full refund for your purchase

What is the new web link on the pre-broadcast screen?
The new web link is a spot for you to showcase a link on your broadcasts that viewers can see. Have a website to promote? An album to sell? Anything else you’d like to link to? Then this is the place for it.
When a user clicks on the link, they can continue to hear your broadcast while they visit your site!

What are coins?
Coins are used to purchase digital tickets. If you are the creator of the digital content, your accumulated coins will be shown in the app. However you receive payment in US Dollars at the first of every month.
You can buy more coins by tapping the “More” tab and selecting “Coin Bank.” Once you’re there, just tap which package you would like to purchase and watch your coin bank grow!

Can I get paid for broadcasting on Hang w/?

How does that work?
Hang w/ gets paid by advertisers for showing their ads before and after broadcasts. You can earn 25% of the net advertising revenue earned by Hang w/ from your broadcasts.
Typically, the more views a broadcast gets, the more ads we can show, and the more money you can earn..

How can I make more money from Hang w/?
Grow your following.

Use hangwith.me/YourUsername to drive followers to your account.

Install the Hang w/ widget on your blog or website if you have one.

And always live-stream to your Facebook timeline. If a video goes viral, that’s a whole lot of views.

More viewers, more viewers, more viewers.

How do I get paid?
Payments will be issued via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can sign up for one here.

How do I sign up?
Once your in the app click on the 'More' tab and then tap on 'Monetization'. Once there, simply follow the instructions. If you need additional help be sure to check out our video: Tutorial: How To Enable Monetization

Is there a minimum I need to earn to start getting paid?
Yes. Your account must accrue $10 of revenue in order to receive payments.

When is payday?
Payments will be issued on a monthly basis.

Where do the ads come from?
The ads come from their mommies and daddies: advertising people and clients who think them up and make them real. These ads are then delivered directly to us by sponsors or digital advertising networks.

Do I have control of the ads that show on my broadcasts?
Verified users with category conflicts or sponsors will be accommodated. Hang w/ partners with reputable advertising networks who provide quality advertising content.

Anything else I need to know?Anything else I need to know?
You need to follow the Hang w/ terms of service in order to be eligible for advertising revenue. If your broadcasts are in violation of our terms of service, Hang w/ reserves the right to remove you from the payment program.

How can I get the Hang w/ widget for my website/blog?
Go to www.hangwith.com/widget and type your username in the Search. Once you see the preview of your widget, copy the code to the right of the preview and paste it into the source code of your site. After that, you’re good to go! If you need additional help be sure to check out our video : Tutorial: How To Embed Your Web Widget

What can I do to make my Hang w/ channel more successful?
Tell your family, friends, Internet friends, neighbors, colleagues and local congressman about your channel. (Bonus points if you get your congressman to follow you!)

Every broadcaster gets their own personal URL to share and promote their Hang w/ channel. Take this URL – www.hangwith.me/ – and add your username after the slash. Like so: www.hangwith.me/USERNAME

Share that link everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, credit card application, skywriting ad, your niece or nephew’s birthday card, this bunny’s forehead… anywhere!

Connect your Facebook and Twitter to automatically share to your feed and timeline whenever you go to broadcast.

Try to offer something new each time you go live.

Have fun with your broadcasts, and most of all, be yourself!

Tap or click here to request our Best Practices guide.

How do I stream my broadcasts to Facebook?
Go to Account Settings and tap the slider button that says 'Connect with Facebook.' Enter your Facebook login and hit 'Save.' You’ll then be able to stream live to your timeline whenever you broadcast by simply tapping the Facebook icon in the Pre-Broadcast screen. If you need additional help be sure to check out our video: Tutorial: How To Stream Your Broadcasts To Facebook

How do I post to Twitter from Hang w/?
Go to Account Settings and tap the slider button that says 'Connect with Twitter.' Enter your Twitter login and hit 'Save.'

From there, you’ll be able to alert your Twitter followers that you’re live by simply tapping the Twitter icon in the Pre-Broadcast screen.

How do I stream from my GoPro?
Simply connect to your GoPro's wifi with your smartphone, launch Hang w/ and tap 'Use GoPro' on the prebroadcasting screen. For a complete video walkthrough visit our tutorial video here: How To Stream Live With GoPro . Please note that broadcasting from GoPro is currently supported only on the GoPro3.

How do I become verified on Hang w/?
In order to become verified on Hang w/, you need to be already verified on Twitter; have a Wikipedia page; or have at least 100,000 followers across social media. Just tap or click here to sign up with a verified account.

Why are some usernames orange?
If you see a username in orange or an orange 'F' next to their username, this means that they are a 'Featured User.' Become a featured user yourself by bringing something new and exciting to Hang w/.

For how long can I broadcast?
For up to an hour if you have verified your email. Not sure if it is? Just login to Hangwith.com and go into your settings to find out! If it's not, you can get the verification link resent to you by tapping the 'resend verification' button.

Is Hang w/ free or do I need to pay?
Hang w/ is free.

Does Hang w/ take up a lot of storage on my phone?
No. Videos are streamed and stored remotely, and the app itself is quite small – meaning you can film as much as you want without filling up your device’s hard drive.

How do I title my broadcast?
Tap in the center of the Pre-Broadcast screen and start typing to title your broadcast. This title is the push message that goes out to your followers when you go live. It also appears on your preview image in the Live Now feed.

What is 'Private Access?'
Private Access is our new set of broadcast privacy settings. It allows you to give special privileges to specific followers so that when you go live, only they can tune in and/or chat.

Public Broadcast: All your followers get your push message. Everybody can see you in Live Now. Everybody tune in and chat.

Public Broadcast w/ Private Chat: All your followers get your push. Everybody can see you in Live Now. Everybody can tune in, but only those with Private Access can chat.

Private Broadcast w/ Private Chat: Only the followers to whom you’ve given Private Access will be able to get your push message, see you in Live Now, tune in, or chat.

How do I give Private Access to my followers?
1.) Tap 'More.'
2.) Tap 'Your Friends.'
3.) Tap 'Private Access' next to their name.
If you need additional help be sure to check out our video: Tutorial: Granting Private Access

What is the Inbox?
It houses your notifications for when someone follows you or gives you Private Access. You can also give new followers Private Access and follow them back from your Inbox.

Can I see the number of people watching my broadcast?
Yes. While broadcasting, you’ll see a counter at the top of the screen – that’s the number of people Hanging w/ you.

Can I find out who is watching my broadcast?
When you post a tweet, you never know who will read it. Much the same, we feel that keeping your viewers anonymous during your live broadcasts will help more of the true you shine through.

However, you can view the chat roll during your broadcast and tap on any name to follow, flag, block, or give Private Access.

And if you’d prefer to keep it intimate, you can always do a Private Broadcast w/ Private Chat, so only those you’ve given Private Access to can tune in.

I signed up. Now I want to edit my account details. How do I do that?
1.) Launch Hang w/ on your device.
2.) Tap 'More.'
3.) Tap 'Account Settings.'
5.) Edit your details as you see fit.
6.) Tap the 'Save' button in the top right corner. Donecakes!

What does the little eye mean next to my archives?
When the little eye is blue and open, that means that others can view that archive from your profile.

When the eye is gray and slashed out, that means that only you can view that archive.

If you did a broadcast that you’d rather keep hidden, simply tap the blue open eye to make the eye gray and the broadcast invisible.

If you need additional help be sure to check out our video: Tutorial: Managing Your Archives

What if someone is bothering me in the chat?
We want you to feel as comfortable as possible on Hang w/ – so if someone is being an @hole and fouling up your chat, you can easily block them by tapping their name in the chat log and selecting 'Block User.'

The same goes for viewers – if you’re watching a broadcast and you spot an @hole in the chat, simply tap their name to Flag or Block themIf you need additional help be sure to check out our video: Tutorial: Chat Message Controls

I just streamed a broadcast to Facebook that I don't want to be seen – how do I take it down?
1.) Go to your profile.
2.) Scroll down to the broadcast in question.
3.) Tap the Eye button on the right side to set it to Private. This will also remove it from Facebook.

If you are concerned about sharing content to Facebook, you can turn off Facebook sharing from the Pre-Broadcast screen.

How will I know when someone I’m following goes live?
You’ll receive a push notification on your device that says, '[B. Roadcaster] wants to Hang w/ you!'

Is it possible to accidentally 'pocket broadcast?'
Not likely. Your broadcast will not begin until you go to the Pre-Broadcast page and tap the orange button.

If I’m watching, can the Broadcaster see me too?
No. The video stream is one way only, so you can see them and chat with them, but they cannot see you.

Why is my username a long string of numbers and letters?
This means you need pick a Hang w/ username. To set your username:

1.) Tap 'More.'
2.) Tap 'Account Settings.'
3.) Tap the field under 'Username' and write in your own.
4.) Tap 'Save' and you’re good to go.

How do I reset my password?
Tap or click here to have a password reset link sent to your email address. Once you receive the email, follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go.

Can I turn off notifications?
Yes. Tap 'More' and then go to 'Notification Preferences.' You can switch off notifications for new followers and broadcasts globally – or toggle notifications on/off for individual people.

What if I want to see notifications, but not hear them?

What if I want to see notifications, but not hear them?
No problem-o. Open your device’s Settings and tap 'Notification Center.' Scroll down until you see Hang w/. Then, tap the slider button next to 'Sounds' to toggle off the notification chime.

Why are some broadcasts sideways?
If the broadcast you're watching is sideways, it means that you need to update your Hang w/ to the latest version – Hang w/ 3.0.

For iOS users: Tap or click here to update. Hang w/ 3.0 is fully native to the latest iOS, so make sure your device is up to date.

For Android users: we’re jamming on Hang w/ 3.0 at this very moment, so hang tight and stay tuned for more!

I’m getting a 'Low Internet Connection' error message. What should I do?
Check your device’s network connection settings to make sure nothing is out of place. Then, close out and restart the Hang w/ app. If you continue to experience connection issues, try shutting down and restarting your device.

Why was my profile photo removed?
Your Hang w/ profile photo may be removed if found by our team to contain inappropriate, offensive, intentionally provocative, or crime-related content in violation of the Hang w/ Terms of Service – to which you agreed when you created your account.

Why was my account suspended?
Your Hang w/ account may be suspended if you activities are flagged as objectionable by other users, reviewed by our team, and found to be in violation of the Hang w/ Terms of Service – to which you agreed when you created your account.

If your account was suspended, it means that you have engaged in one or more of the following:
• Intentionally provocative or hate speech in chat or in your broadcast
• Showing off parts of your body to which your viewers should not be exposed
• Making age-inappropriate comments
• Acting like a creepy pervert
• Broadcasting inappropriate content
• Crime-related activity
• Doing something or making statements you wouldn't want your mom to see

Suspended accounts lose the ability to broadcast, and chat messages will be replaced with general and nonsensical niceness.
If you would like to request that we forgive you once, please send an email to iscrewedup@hangwith.com and say that you are sorry.

Why does my screen go black when I try to watch a broadcast?
Currently, some wireless carriers seem to be throttling data. That means they are not allowing all of your data through in an effort to reduce their own data costs. We are constantly working to the improve quality, clarity and size of our broadcasts. Please know that these black screens can likely be attributed to the bandwidth limitations imposed by your wireless carrier.

When will Android be updated to 3.0?
Apple has provided a library of state-of-the-art tools and a robust support network, which enable developers to build, launch, maintain and update apps with far greater efficiency and almost no fragmentation compared to their Android counterparts.

That said, Hang w/ 3.0 for Android is tight on the heels of the iOS update, and closing in fast. So stay tuned and be the first to get the upgrade when it goes live!

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