Hang w/ was built to solve a problem. Social Media was becoming fake. Professional Twitter teams and Facebook posting services were growing - and authenticity in social media was shrinking.

We saw LIVE streaming of video - with simultaneous chat as the solution. And once our vision became a prototype, we knew we were on to something big.

Hang w/ was released as a small private beta and quickly grew to hundreds of thousands of users. Today, we are committed to pushing this technology as far as humanly possible. Every day, our team comes to work with the goal of improving the strength of our video feed, streamlining our user experience, and adding new functions that enable people around the globe to hang w/ each other.

We call Hang w/ our "experiment in social media." It forces us to keep our eyes open for new uses, new opportunities, and areas that need modification. We welcome our users to join us in this grand experiment. If you've got ideas or inspiration, feel free to share at feedback@hangwith.com.

Andrew Maltin, CEO

Andrew Maltin is a serial entrepreneur. Andrew has built several companies prior to founding MEDL Mobile and Hang w/. He believes that speed is sexy, that every inefficiency presents an opportunity for reward, and that even the most tight knit tech teams can benefit from a shot of tequila from time to time. (LinkedIn Profile) (w/Andrew)

Dave Swartz, President and CCO

Dave Swartz is obsessed with great ideas, well executed. Dave has won drawers full of awards for mobile, communication and marketing - and has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of mobile apps. He enjoys meaningful debates about the importance of pure innovation versus the elegance of a well appropriated API. (LinkedIn Profile) (w/Fortido)

Murray Williams, Chief Financial Officer

Murray Williams is at home in the world of pro-formas, balance sheets and public filings. In his last position, Murray served as the CFO for Buy.com as they rose to become the fasted growing company in the world and went public at a $ 2 Billion valuation. Murray enjoys black ink, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the thrill of ringing the offices' "new business bell." (LinkedIn Profile)

Jon Orlando, Director of Talent Relations

Jon is the Wolf. If it needs to get done, he's on it. Having grown up in a show business family, Jon understands the ins and outs of this world that seems at times to have it's own rules and it's own language. If you get a chance to watch Jon on Hang w/, you should. He's also a talented stand up comic - and that comes through loud and clear on Hang w/. (LinkedIn Profile) (w/JonOrlando)